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Hope Giver Needed


  • Breath of Life ● Functioning Brain ● Microphone


  • Life Experiences
  • A tiny bit of Faith


Like most single parents, I struggle with balancing my time between work, family, school and social media. I also find it very difficult to say no to my six years old son, even when what he wants is clearly off my budget. Sometimes love can be a dirty little thing, right? 


Today I serve you a notice of promotion. You deserve it!!!!!! Please keep in mind that this promotion comes with more responsibilities. With that said, I’d like to present to you, what qualified you for the new and elusive role of COS and what your additional responsibilities will entail.

Are you being judged wrongly?

If you answered YES, then consider yourself HUMAN. We all have at some point, been judged or have judged someone or something other than ourselves. This reminds me of the shows, American Idol and The Voice. Both shows require people to judge the singing abilities of others. We know how it works, people sing their hearts off and are still told they cannot sing. From some of the shows I’ve watched, some folks really cannot sing.  That’s me judgingJ and I bet you have to.

The Quest

The gift of life is given, a child is born. He or she enters the world with much innocence, purity and beauty. Most educationalists, believe that babies are born as blank slates.