KurlineJSpeaks, exists to Build Up, Encourage and Revamp the lives of individuals who have dealt with some form of trauma; divorce,  abuse, loss or any other AND  seeking to move forward. We connect people to resources that will help make the journey of recovery smoother. We are partnering with YOU to become all that God has destined for you to be.

Our goal is to connect, unite and celebrate people of every Race, Culture and Ethnicity. We all have different backgrounds and come from various walks of life. However, despite our many challenges, we can all agree on the one fact; WE DESERVE TO LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST. Let your journey begin here!


Kurline Josephine is an anointed and dynamic speaker, preacher, teacher and mentor. She is known for hosting workshops that deeply convicts others to go to the next level.

As a teenager, KurlineJ received the calling to reach the masses. Her transparency through her testimonies has gained her respect from many. She knows first-hand what it is, to live a lie, experience a failed marriage, forgive the living AND the dead, be a single parent and overcome molestation.

These experiences have given KurlineJ an appreciation for healthy relationships. She believes that everyone possess purpose, and uses her gift of speaking, encouragement and outreach to help others discover and flourish in their true self.