5 Marriage must haves MINUS love

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Marriage is a union between two people. It’s every single lady’s wish until they actually get into it. Most married couples will tell you that it takes more than love for a marriage to be successful. It requires work!

The goal is to die happy

Great conversations – you love your spouse but do you really like him/her? Can you relax on the couch and talk about things that are not so serious? That’s something you will need in your marriage.

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Dates – spending quality time with each other is something that has to be prioritized, even when kids come into the picture. Never ever stop dating each other.

Good hygiene – I am serious! You will be surprised how many people go into a “he/she is used to me” mode after marriage. No one ever gets used to smelly feet, bad breath, crusty lips or stinky sweaty armpits. Wash up!

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Favorite vacation spot – After your second year of marriage, you both should have already agreed on a favorite vacation spot. The place where great memories will override stress and burn out.

Retirement plan – If you plan on spending the rest of your life with your special someone, you need to discuss, plan and start taking steps towards retirement. It’s only fair to do so.

These 5 must haves are not usually categorized in one place. However, after chatting with a few married friends, putting this together became necessary.

Cheers to a happy marriage!

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