Saint Lucians In New York Observe Independence 38 in Brooklyn

Saint Lucia Independence 38 Flag Raising at Borough Hall, BrooklynH.E. Mr. Cosmos Richardson Saint Lucia IndependenceH.E. Mr. Cosmos Richardson – Saint Lucia Permanent Representative to the United Nations and Ambassador Visilios Phillipou – Cyprus High Commissioner toSaint Lucia.Opening prayer by Kurline Speaks

Mental Health Awareness 2021

Mental health- #BeAware Mental health awareness 2021 is one that is different from many other years and that is simply because we as a people have become more aware of the stigma associated with it. Unfortunately, mental illness is still a taboo topic and that needs to change. We know that our society needs to be healed, we know […]

Faith in times of loss


“Faith is like Wi-Fi, it’s invisible but it has the power to connect you to what you need” -Unknown There can be so much pressure to showcase a perfect image, all the time. Instagram is the one place you will definitely find perfection. From filters to the many editing softwares, we can create the perfection […]

Outfit of the day

“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them”-unknown After a long winter, I am ready to have my skin soak up some vitamin D. It was 70 degrees and I went for it. I pampered up real good and in slow motion LOL I took out my outfit of the day. Jumpsuits have been around […]

Is Your Age Stopping You from Getting Your Man?


Society construct demands that a lady should be married before she’s 30 and probably have her first child before she’s in her mid 30’s. It all sounds so easy right? What society doesn’t take into consideration is the so many complexities behind getting married,and the pressure this puts on women.As a result of this construct, […]

What Women Need vs Want


Women are commonly teased on social media because society believes women have a hard time figuring out what they want. If you ask me what I believe, my answer would be that women know exactly what they want but when it comes down to separating that from what they need, it’s a whole other ball […]

What is Your love Language–Make it Work for You


Personally, I haven’t been someone who paid much attention to love languages, I assumed they were as mythical as palm reading or even mind control. However, after looking more into love languages, I have realized they are basically the ways in which we feel loved an appreciated, andsometimes even the way we show our love […]

Life After a Breakup


As much as I’d like to tell you that after a break up is the perfect time to love, understand and build yourself up as an individual, most of us know it is not that easy. You find yourself going through different emotions each day– sometimes regret, anger, hatred, or even sadness. Almost everything triggers […]

What Every Guy Needs to Know


I’m sure you have stumbled upon a list of things guys supposedly need to know when in a relationship. These lists are typically extravagant and extremely overwhelming and I’m sure you have ended up more confused than you started. If wisdom is what you seek Lucky you! You are just where you need to be […]

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting Married


You know how some little girls dream almost every day of falling deeply in love with a prince charming, getting married and living happily ever after? Well, I was one of those girls and could not have been more wrong. Thankfully, I did grow up and my mentality on marriage changed but not as much […]