Here’s what being SINGLE is doing to me

Kurline Josephine moment of the day

I was the little girl who dreamed about being happily married with five children. I envisioned myself being a full time stay-at-home mom, in a beautiful white picket fence house with no dogs. I wanted the crystal chandeliers hanging from my ceiling, high counter tops in the kitchen and windows so wide, that my neighbors […]

Let’s unite the Heart and the Face

Let’s unite the Heart and the Face

Are you being judged wrongly? If you answered YES, then consider yourself HUMAN. We all have at some point, been judged or have judged someone or something other than ourselves. This reminds me of the shows, American Idol and The Voice. Both shows require people to judge the singing abilities of others. We know how […]

Grab your Microphone

Grab your mic

Hope Giver Needed Prerequisite: Breath of Life Functioning Brain Microphone Qualifications: Life Experiences A tiny bit of Faith When I first got the call to reach the masses, I became really nervous. Immediately, I started thinking of all the things I do not have, all the mistakes I’ve made and all the all the people […]

Stop Wearing Your Problems

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Chat your way into someone’s heart People always tell me that I sure love talking. I must admit, I am not one bit offendedJ. I enjoy talking to people, hearing their stories, validating their feelings and offering them at least a hug. Most people that I talk with are either super encouraging or super depressed. […]

Dear Past Life – Take what you get and don’t get upset!

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Today I serve you a notice of promotion. You deserve it!!!!!! Please keep in mind that this promotion comes with more responsibilities. With that said, I’d like to present to you, what qualified you for the new and elusive role of COS and what your additional responsibilities will entail. As Chief Operating Servant, you will […]

If Only We Can Be Paid For Every Excuse We Had

Do It, not quit

Like most single parents, I struggle with balancing my time between work, family, school and social media. I also find it very difficult to say no to my six years old son, even when what he wants is clearly off my budget. Sometimes love can be a dirty little thing, right? As I walked through […]

No More Pity Party

No more excuses

Do you find people running away from you instead of being drawn to you? If that’s the case, then you are delaying your own success. Don’t panic, I have been there. My journey was quite long but yours does not have to.  Let me tell you how to rid yourself of this predicament. None of […]

Black Panther hits $1 Billion- Here’s Why…


Unashamed, I brag about the opportunity I had to celebrate Black Power at its best two times. I first saw the Black Panther with my girlfriends and then with my son. Both experiences were completely different. Of course, hanging with friends is fun but hanging with my little man is way more fun. Planning both […]

Successful dating leads to a successful marriage

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Notice the proximity of the letters in the heading? That’s exactly what our dating relationships need to reflect. Many of us dream of being married, having children and enjoying a white -picket fence home by a certain age. However, for some of us, that process may just be and feel like forever. Nonetheless, it’s not […]

5 Ways to keep your Volunteers coming back

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First of all, THANK YOU! For being the leader that you are. It does not matter what capacity you are leading in, if you are leading to the best of your ability, that’s what counts. True leadership starts in the heart and works its way outward. With the many pressures we face as leaders, we […]