Best Women's Lifestyle Blogs

Best Women’s Lifestyle Blogs that Keeps you Inspire In 2021

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How to find Joy

How to find JoyTrue joy cannot exist without freedom…. Joy is a feeling of great pleasure or happiness. As kids, we often found joy in

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Moments of Kurline Josephine 15

Outfit of the day

“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them”-unknown After a long winter, I am ready to have my skin soak up some vitamin D. It

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No ring, No cookie

No ring no cookie Sadly, talking about the Vagina has always caused discomfort and embarrassment. People fail to understand that the vagina is natural and

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Grab your mic

Grab your Microphone

Hope Giver Needed Prerequisite: Breath of Life Functioning Brain Microphone Qualifications: Life Experiences A tiny bit of Faith When I first got the call to

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