Dating tips for women with kids

Man and women with kid on dating

Most women with children have either given up on finding their soul mate or are on the verge of calling it quits altogether.

As a single mom of an adorable son, I will admit, I use to get all worked up and stressed out at the very thought of dating. I boxed myself in a little world called “no one can love me and my son equally”. Well, it turned out that I was completely wrong. I have met several guys who got really excited when I mentioned that I have a son. Not only was their excitement but there was genuine care that followed. I tell women in my circle, not to entertain the chatters or negative experiences of others but remain open and optimistic about the future. 

but my kids are cray cray…………..

Relax, we got you. 

  1. Admit and accept your reality, you are a mom with kids.
  2.  Give yourself some props, you are not perfect but you are still a great mom.
  3. Talk to your children about the possibility of a man coming into your life and theirs.
  4. Enjoy your time with your children, show them love and appreciation, so they do not feel the need to compete for your love.
  5. Be prepared to adapt the skill called “balance”. It will become necessary in your new relationship.
  6. Be honest about how many children you have upfront and be ok with the guy backing away.
  7. Do not introduce your children to a potential partner to early. Be sure that the relationship is solid and you have plans for marriage. 
  8. Have fun dating but look out for signs of genuine care for the children. Is he asking open-ended questions about them? Does he sigh or remain quiet when you bring them up?
  9. Make sure your ex is on child support or taking care of his kids. Save your new man the drama.
  10. Do not waste your time. If you feel that he is not a good fit, move on. 

Gone are the days when women with children were looked down upon in the dating world. Children are no longer seen as a burden but rather compliment the relationship. Do not lose hope; you will attract what you put out there, continue to walk in confidence.

-Confidence matters baby girl!

Your kids will love you for this one.
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