Dear Past Life – Take what you get and don’t get upset!

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Today I serve you a notice of promotion. You deserve it!!!!!! Please keep in mind that this promotion comes with more responsibilities. With that said, I’d like to present to you, what qualified you for the new and elusive role of COS and what your additional responsibilities will entail.

As Chief Operating Servant, you will be serving me and I will be reporting to you. You heard correctly, and I’d like to begin reporting my findings as of today. Below is a brief summary of my discoveries over the last couple years.

With the many years of hurt, pain, sorrow and grief, I still cannot believe that I am still standing. For quite some time, we were loyal to each other and kept things pretty ugly. You did an excellent job at ruining my marriage, career, chance of getting a college education, friendships and pretty much everything else. You ruined my life!!!!!!!! Oops I did not mean to scare you, I just had to yell this out, one last time. Don’t worry I am no longer angry. I am no longer angry at the fact that I allowed you to daily remind me that I would never become successful, never have a happy marriage, never be able to love my son unconditionally, never thrive at my workplace, never have healthy relationships, never go after my dreams and never say goodbye to you. I am no longer your slave but because you played your role so well I had no choice but to put you in your rightful place.

I see so many people trapped by their past lives. It’s almost as if they have made a covenant with this life.  Living in your past is nothing but a hindrance designed to keep your from accomplishing your goals and reaching your full potential.  As you have heard me say before, destiny awaits you but you have to give up the boo – your past. Time to divorce that sucker and move on with your life. I remember my pity parties, emotional waves and not so cute outburst ever so often. All it did was drown me even deeper into the mess. I had to let go, I had to seek professional help, I had to hold on to my faith and believe, that my “one day things will better” had to begin today!

Today, I am as single as can be. I am no longer married to my past.  When I left, I left behind; humiliation, doubt, fear, anxiety, torment, shame and guilt. I walked right into the arms of Liberty. It was not an easy decision or process and I still have to remind Mr. COS of who is in charge. Every time he surfaces, I remind him of his new role and that I am still reporting to him. I will continue to report that I am FREE, FORGIVEN, AT PEACE, CALLED AND DESTINED FOR GREATNESS.

Would you be so kind and let another struggling soul know that there is still hope in this world.


Moments of Kurline Josephine 30