Does size really matter?

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Heck yeah, it does! Come on, really? I am no little girl and I like it big, really BIG.

In today’s world, women are winning and winning big. We have moved past traditions and customs that taught us to remain dependent on a man. I apologize if I sound arrogant but we all know it’s the American truth. Most women have become bolder, competitive and pretty much savages, in the workforce. It can become very nerve wrecking for a man to just attempt to navigate his way into a woman’s life, knowing how powerful she is.
I’m pretty sure that dating a guy now is very different compared to dating five years ago, right? A lot has changed. The cost of ice cream has gone up since then. Listen, the point is you are a grown woman with responsibilities.

Wanting it BIG does not make you a gold digger- the size of his wallet matters!

When I met my ex-husband, I was at a place in my life where nothing else mattered but love. He was very passive, quiet, respectful and soft-spoken. I didn’t think twice about marrying the guy. Big mistake! We went into marriage with no real discussion about finances. The guy worked at a parking garage for minimum wage, didn’t have any savings and could barely afford to take me out on a real date. I later discovered that he was not motivated either LOL. Long story short, it was the longest six years of my life.


We can all learn from our mistakes. I don’t believe that women should sell themselves short in the name of love. A man’s got to take his rightful place in the relationship and that is to provide. Provision starts at dating. If he does not understand and value his role, then there will be major problems later on. If he can’t afford to date you, he simply cannot have you. There is so much beauty in a man leading the relationship. It really does not matter how much money a woman makes, her title or affiliations, things are usually smooth sailing when a man takes his place.
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