Faith in times of loss

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“Faith in times of loss is like Wi-Fi, it’s invisible but it has the power to connect you to what you need” -Unknown There can be so much pressure to showcase a perfect image, all the time. Instagram is the one place you will definitely find perfection. From filters to the many editing software, we can create the perfection that everyone is longing to see.

Have you ever thought of taking a picture of yourself first thing when you wake up and posting it? Seriously, will you even consider it? I’ll let you think about this for just a minute and share a little about what I’m facing currently. Unfortunately I lost my dad a few weeks ago. It was one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with. As if 2020 was not hard enough with the covid19 pandemic. I’ve always been considered a strong woman and have tread upon many rough waters. Like yourself, I’ve been through some thangs! Nothing has ever taken me to the space I was in a few weeks ago. Loss is real!

Different Ways Of Faith In Times Of Loss

It comes in different ways. We lose jobs, homes, money, relationships and loved-one. I believe the pain and sometimes guilt that comes with these losses are all the same. There is no greater loss than others. It all comes down to how you face the loss and the amount of support you receive during these times.

I recall standing in the bathroom and became so covered with grief and suddenly began cutting my hair off. It was at that very moment, I got a glimpse of what it is to lose sight of faith. I began to cry, looked at the scissors and mirror and saw an image that I was not happy with. I saw a broken little girl who just lost her dad and needed a very tight hug.

I began to cry even harder. In the midst of my sorrow, my son came knocking on the bathroom door, wanting to use the bathroom. He never said a word to me but I am pretty sure he heard me crying in there. Since then, we have had conversations about loss and have spoken to a professional regarding the matter. Thankfully, we both are in a much better place and are embracing the fond memories of my father.  Now I am stuck with an uneven, unplanned haircut LOL

All hope is not lost, even if it may seem that way. 

Face And Be Prepare For your Faith In Time Of Loss



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