Featured Spotlight – Women creating change from adversity

Allisa Findley is the president of the Botham Jean Foundation, which was established in October 2018 after her 26-year-old brother, Botham Shem Jean was killed by a police officer in his apartment in Dallas, Texas. Since then, Allisa has been on a mission to keeping her brother’s name alive and making the vision of the foundation a reality and staying true to its mission – promoting Christian intervention for social change.
Ms. Findley is the president of Sisters of the Movement, a 501c4 organization established in 2020. Sisters of the Movement is a coalition of sisters of police brutality victims working in unity, demanding the implementation of policies and laws that are fair and just for people of color.
Ms. Findley has been an active participant in the health insurance industry for 15 years, and holds a Master’s degree in Healthcare Management and a license in Life, Accident and Health insurance. Since her brother’s murder, Allisa’s passion has shifted from healthcare to justice for police brutality victims and police reform. Botham once stated, “We are not alone as a community of believers, and I am comforted when I know I am not the only one doing something” – a statement that Allisa and her team at the foundation strives to live by every day.
Allisa Findley lives in New York with her husband and 3 sons who collectively serve as her inspiration and constant reminder to persist in the fight for change.



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