Finding Destiny

Man Walking Towards Cross finding the destiny
The Quest

The gift of life is given, a child is born. He or she enters the world with much innocence, purity and beauty. Most educationalists, believe that babies are born as blank slates.

They claim that it is their surroundings that shape them into who they will become and not their natural sense of choice. I say, whether it is nature or nurture, the baby grows, explores its world (surroundings) and later discovers that the world itself can leave you to your blank state.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Well you are not alone. For it’s not that long ago that I had asked myself these very same questions. What the heck am I in this world for? What is my purpose? For goodness sake what is my calling? My answer did not come quickly, life did not get any sweeter but that’s when the quest for “finding me” began. Yes, finding my true self! Finding what I would eventually become at peace with.

 Your Destiny As You Have Discover

It’s what I consider conquering a BAD DREAM. You read correctly. Usually bad dreams keep us up at night and causes us to think of ways to resolve it. It adds the pressure of using one’s imagination and thinking outside the box. Whether you are an adult male or female, having a recurring bad dreams will cause you to preplan the outcome. For fear of anxiety, sweats and loss of sleep, you will begin to rehearse what you would like your dreams to be. If you are like me, you would probably go to bed visualizing super “nice” things like candy, flowers, shoes, vacations or even money. Anything to turn your nightmare into a pleasurable reality.

Well, you have it. The reason for my search. To find what would keep me up at night, cause me to pick up a pen and notepad and begin mapping out what would drive me to my DESTINY. As I have discovered,

If it keeps you up at night, it’s worth it!

If it puts you to sleep at night, it’s worth it!

If it takes you through the day, it sure is worth it!  Come along, and Discover your BAD DREAM!

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