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Kurline Josephine Altes also known as the black woman motivational speaker and lifestyle coach guru is an anointed and dynamic speaker, preacher, teacher and mentor. She is one of the best black woman motivational speaker and known for her ability to speak to the hearts and minds of the people provoking behavioral change and spiritual growth. She is a proud single mother to one son, entrepreneur, author and a faith girl. Her goal of loving people has taken on another level. She wants results!

As a teenager, Kurline J received the calling to reach the masses. Her transparency through her storytelling style has gained her respect from many. She knows first-hand what it is to live a lie, experienced a failed marriage, heal from sexual abuse survived suicide, and forgive the living and the dead. These experiences have given her a love and appreciation for life and a dedication to pursuing healthy relationships. She believes that everyone possesses a purpose, and uses her gift of speaking, encouragement, and outreach to help others discover and flourish in their true self.

Kurline possesses many years of leadership experience working and volunteering in several Ministries and in rapid-rehousing and permanent supportive housing case management programs, serving homeless families, prior to founding and becoming CEO of KurlineJSpeaks LLC. A radical advocate on Justice, Equity and Inclusion issues, she is committed and continues to provide volunteer service to children in the foster care system. Kurline believes that her vision to effectively reach women globally must involve the local community. Charity begins at home!


Kurline earned her undergraduate; a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and a minor in Gerontology and Aging Services, from The University of Maryland Global Campus and is completing her graduate studies in Social Work. Kurline also completed her undergraduate in Biblical Studies from the International School of Ministry. She is proud to tell others that she had changed her major at least three times before committing to her current area of study and accomplishment. 

KurlineJSpeaks have been featured on Radio One’s Praise 107.9, The Marlo Moore Show; The New Voice of Victory V1075, and The Saint Lucia Times. She is a true epitome of strength having been molested as a teen. She is living out the vision God has given her and is excited about the journey ahead.


Our goal is to build up, connect, unite and celebrate people of every Race, Culture, Ethnicity, and Background through life-transforming strategies and methods. We come from different backgrounds and walks of life. However, despite our many challenges, we can all agree on this one thing; “WE DESERVE THE BEST OF LIFE”. KurlineJSpeaks seeks to build a community of passionate and radical women who are ready to transform their lives and build up others. We provide the information, skills, resources and support needed to thrive in a nation with a dire need for healing.

We’re glad you are a part of our community!

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background-Saint Lucia WI

I was born and raised in the beautiful Helen of the West Indies, sweet Saint Lucia. When I migrated to the US at the age of 18, I didn’t realize that the memories I had left behind would become what would later propel me into my destiny. Today I sit here smiling at the thought of great food, music, friendly people and breathtaking scenery. Saint Lucia is indeed a gem among the Caribbean Islands and is every tourist favorite place to be free. It is truly a must see.

Among all of the SLU’s towns and villages, Soufriere is by far the #1 tourist destination. It is my birth town. It is known for having the only drive-in Volcano, hot springs, the Pitons, rainforest, lovely beaches, waterfalls, botanical garden, great restaurants, and hotels. The cheerful chatter and laughter of the people always remain in the hearts and minds of its visitors.

I find many ways to keep my culture alive. I enjoy lovely conversations with friends and family, especially in our second language, creole/Kre’yol’. The lovely dishes helps keep me nourished but there is one thing that truly inspires me and warms my heart each time I hear it. The music!!! This particular song is a summary of Saint Lucia itself. Enjoy and be sure to move to the beat.



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