Grab your Microphone

Grab your mic
Hope Giver Needed



When I first got the call to reach the masses, I became really nervous. Immediately, I started thinking of all the things I do not have, all the mistakes I’ve made and all the all the people that may not support me. I pretty much went into depression and quieted the voice that was challenging me to give hope to others. A powerful voice it was, an encouraging one to, yet still my fear of rejection, rejected that which would one day bring me to my most valuable place in place.

Many of you can probably relate to experiencing fear when you are about to do something great right? If you answered yes, which I hope you did, then WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY. We are in this together! We all have been through one thing or another, some hard and some harder. That’s what makes us greater, stronger and wiser. We learn from our mistakes and keep it moving. Now let us move on with CONFIDENCE, HOPE & ASSURANCE.

Someone needs you, someone needs your story

The world will not pass away if you do not go around hugging everyone, wiping everyone’s tears or even feeding every poor person. However, the world WILL become a much better place, if YOU choose to give hope to One Person, One Heart, and One Soul at a time.

Someone needs to hear about

  • The times you had no food to feed your children
  • The time you tried committing suicide
  • The time you were bullied
  • The time you walked out of a burning vehicle
  • The time you got raped
  • The time you lost your job
  • The time your spouse walked out on you
  • The time you tried every drug there is

Your story may not have fallen under any of categories above but I bet you have experienced one or two of these and came out strong. Why not inspire someone who is facing the very same thing. What is stopping you from bringing hope right where you are? If it’s fear, well guess what, the bible teaches us exactly what we need to overcome fear.

Matthew 17:20 reminds us of Jesus’s teaching to His disciples. He reminded them that with just a tiny measure of FAITH, the size of a mustard seed, they can move mountains. No one is exempt from hardship but we cannot allow fear to cripple us. We can move every mountain of hardship by using our microphones (mouths) and declaring what God says about us and our futures. We can use that very mouth piece to bring hope to others by sharing our stories. We can make a difference in someone’s life and set them off on a journey of brining hope to someone else. Let us start a Faith Domino Effect. Yes, with YOUR Story and YOUR Faith.

Now grab your microphones and tell it out loud.

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