How to Know If He Is Into You

Man and a women in a Relationship
Tired of hearing the famous words “Trust me you’ll just know” from people who are lucky enough to be born with a sixth sense? Well I was! I was tired of the occasional internal debate on whether a guy was into me or not. And I’m sure you are too!
Sadly, a tear-filled grand gesture is not typically how you’re going to find out… trust me. So here are a few tips I have been able to use to put an end to this heart-wrenching dilemma.

1. He wants to be there for you

Does he want to be there when he feels you need him? Give you his undivided attention? Make himself available even when you know he has other things to do? Wants to make sure you’re doing good? Or does he often times try to spend time with you? If these apply to you then chances are, he is interested.

2. Body language

Non-verbal communications can say a lot, and sometimes, even more than words can. When you are around this person, pay attention to his body language. Notice if he leans towards you or away from you, or if his body is positioned towards you. Notice if he is focused on you and the conversation you are having or lets his eyes drift away from you to the surrounding.

3. Is he having a good time?

Men and women are much similar in the sense that we fall for those we have a good time with. You can find out if a guy is into you by how he is when spending time with you. When he smiles a lot, laughs a lot and is sincerely having a good time, he may be attracted to you.

4. Is he inquisitive about you?

When someone is into you, they want to know all about you, how you spend your days, how you feel about certain things, your opinions on political, social and even controversial issues or just your opinions in whole. They will put in an effort to get to know you on a deep level and for some, even on a spiritual level.

5. Just ask!

If you are still confused or conflicted after reading this (highly unlikely) then you can always grab the bull by the horns and ask him straight up. You both are mature adults who should be able to have conversations that involve the expression of feelings. However, this should not be rushed into, as a man is also human and needs a while to figure out his own feelings just like women do!

If you find out that these tips do apply to you and the answers to the questions are a YES, then congratulations to him! he has found a truly precious gem! 😉

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