Is Your Age Stopping You from Getting Your Man?


Your age is stopping you from getting your man

Society construct demands that a lady should be married before she’s 30 and probably have her first child before she’s in her mid 30’s. It all sounds so easy right?
What society doesn’t take into consideration is the so many complexities behind getting married,and the pressure this puts on women.
As a result of this construct, most men look to get married to women who are in their mid and late 20’s, or even early 30’s but once a lady is past this age, the options she has drastically reduces. I once heard a lady say that now she’s in her late 30’s the only guys who are interested in her are either divorcees or single fathers.

However, I completely disagree. I don’t believe your age should stop you from getting your man.It shouldn’t make you lower your standards and it definitely shouldn’t make you feel like you’re “too old” because you are not!
If anything, your age is a sign of your maturity and you need a man who can match that. So, if your age is a viewed as a deterrent to someone, then he is not even mature enough to be in a relationship with you. You should be loved and appreciated for who you are, not because of your age.

Here are some tips for those of you who think your age is stopping you from getting your man.



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