Let’s unite the Heart and the Face

Let’s unite the Heart and the Face
Are you being judged wrongly?

If you answered YES, then consider yourself HUMAN. We all have at some point, been judged or have judged someone or something other than ourselves. This reminds me of the shows, American Idol and The Voice. Both shows require people to judge the singing abilities of others. We know how it works, people sing their hearts off and are still told they cannot sing. From some of the shows I’ve watched, some folks really cannot sing.  That’s me judgingJ and I bet you have to.

So I own this beautiful Starbucks coffee cup, which most of the time, never has coffee in it. Most days you will find me drinking tea from that cute cup. Recently, a friend mentioned to me that I drank too much coffee. I was a bit confused at first, but later realized that she was judging the coffee cup. She judged what she saw on the outside without having any knowledge of what was really on the inside. Is that unusual? Not really. Things like this happens all the time, but we need to be a little more careful not to judge too quickly, especially when we do not know the facts. Again, consider yourself HUMAN.

When others judge us, without knowing what is really going on, it hurts. I know, because I have been judged wrongly many times. I tend to always have people ask me “what’s wrong?’ when most times, all is well. But for a while, I was so frustrated with this. I was fed up of being asked the same question and not knowing how to resolve it. I tried praying about it but nothing really changed. I was still being asked the same question from time to time. Not only was my face bursting with frustration, my heart was a bit angry. I felt like I was being nagged.

My Aha Moment

Just when I thought God didn’t hear my prayer about helping my face out, He answered with His word. I woke up to my Bible App, scripture of the day. It was Proverbs 15:13. It tells us that a Happy Heart makes the Face Cheerful. Immediately, I felt convicted. It’s like I had this rude awakening, that my heart was the problem. I remember laying on my bed, telling myself “Wow! So if my heart is happy, then my face will show it. At that very moment, I made a conscious decision to help my face out.

I decided that I would embrace happy thoughts, hang around more positive people, forgive more and stop sweating small stuff. I had a made up mind that I would focus on the things that matter most and live my best life now. I will command others to stop judging me wrongly by the appearance of my countenance and you can do it to.

Let your Heart and Face be ONE!

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