Mini dresses for all body types

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Hey besties

Spring is finally here and so are all the fancy nancy mini dresses. I must say, that’s the one outfit that can really bring out the sexy in a lady, no matter your body type.

Mini dresses have become quite a trend this spring season and from its popularity, it looks like it will also be the thing this summer. What I like best about a mini, is that it can be worn for any occasion; backyard BBQ, outdoor wedding, graduation party or a date night.
I saw this floral mini and immediately fell in love with it. I was a bit nervous about my bloated gut sticking out though but my handy dandy girdle did the trick, hey a girl’s gotta do what a girl gotta do. I love the feel of the stretchy material hugging my body, the knee length makes it look very classy and the spaghetti straps really complimented my slim neck and shoulders. Sorry, I just relayed to you the compliments I received. I can’t wait to see you wear yours and turn some heads, go for it girl.

Dive into your secret

We ladies can be so hard on ourselves. Seriously, we are usually our biggest critics instead of being our own fan. What you wear is not the issue, how you feel wearing it is the real deal. The secret to what I call Inner Glam Me is your personal touch. Your very own unique creativity with the use of accessories. Here you go!

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