No More Pity Party

No more excuses

Do you find people running away from you instead of being drawn to you? If that’s the case, then you are delaying your own success. Don’t panic, I have been there. My journey was quite long but yours does not have to.  Let me tell you how to rid yourself of this predicament.

None of us are exempt from trials, challenges, hardships or even tribulations. Your breath of life is a sign that you are human and guaranteed an encounter of some form of error along life’s journey. However, who says that our experiences have to be a nuisance to everyone we come in contact with. Do we have to whine our way through life? Has it ever been profitable to you? Unless one is being manipulative, I’d say there is no profit or gain in whining. 

Don’t get me wrong, we do have a right to the first amendment, “freedom of speech” and the very commonly used cliché, “no one is perfect”. But let’s avoid using these as excuses to drag everyone into our mess. Yes, we do need to be able to vent and voice our feelings, opinions and frustrations. We do need levelheaded friends, besties, family members, neighbors and even coworkers who can remain unruffled when being pulled into the chaotic space that we may be in. 

Sometimes we experience waves of emotions because of past or even current situations. You may be dealing with trauma, stress, anxiety, bipolar, withdrawal or even depression and that’s ok. You are not alone and you will overcome but I have to be honest here, you must stop with the Pity Party. I know you have heard me say this before but I’ll say it again, COMMUNITY IS IMPORTANT. Having a support system is important. If you can just change your circle and surround yourself with positive people. I can assure you that you will begin to see, hear and experience a different language, the language of positivity.

 If no one has ever said these words to you, well let me be the first, you are destined for greatness, you shall be great! You do not have to be a partaker of a pity party. As a matter of fact, today I challenge you to put that coffee cup down and STOP HAVING A PITY PARTY. It’s time to get up from the dining table, BE EXCUSED! Stop dinning with folks who are busy drowning themselves in the sea of sorrows. You are better than your current and past situations. The world WILL see you and know your name. Let’s shift perspective and get you into a better space. If your mindset can change, your reaction and responses to what is perceived to be coming up against you will change. You are a winner and I am cheering for you. Remember, if you are going to be successful, you need people coming to you and not running away from you.

 You are destined for greatness, now put a hashtag on it.
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