No ring, No cookie


No ring no cookie Sadly, talking about the Vagina has always caused discomfort and embarrassment. People fail to understand that the vagina is natural and very necessary in our developmental process. I believe that the vagina is worth more than any other body parts. It is the organ responsible for successful marriages, procreation, break-ups, divorces and the loss of one’s mind

Powerful isn’t it?

Makes you wonder why celebrities spend a fortune insuring less important body parts–like the leg for example, instead of the vagina. Mariah Carey got her legs insured for $500 million, Rihanna got hers insured for $1 million while Tina Turner insured hers for $1.5 million. But whynot the vagina? Well, If I could, I definitely would get mine insured.
As a result of how important this body part is, I stand by; no ring no cookie. If legs that are less useful than a vagina are insured for millions of dollars, how much more for the vagina? I strongly believe it is worth a lot and shouldn’t be given away easily. Besides, I heard that most men date with the intention of getting married but get turned off afterhaving sex.

No Ring No Cookie How can sex turn a guy’s mind off?

Another guy I spoke with said this, “guys date with a goal, and that is to get with the girl. If he does not receive sex, he is most likely going to stick around and marry her”. I know what you are thinking… I was confused too. My experience had showed me otherwise. I don’t know how true these claims are, but I stand by my belief that a vagina is worthy enough to not be treated and cared for recklessly.

Seriously, if no one has ever told you, let me be the first. YOU are special, wonderfully made and worth more than your thighs and hips. YOU are more than what society refers to as “the norm”. I truly hope that this helps you redefine your dating goals and beat societal pressure by taking a stand for what will give you long term rewarding benefits.

Having peace of mind and being happy is the best reward ever. Good things do come to those who wait. A healthy and happy relationship is much more than SEX or just a 5-minute erection.

Beyoncé said it perfectly, “if you like it, put a ring on it”. No Ring-No Cookie.



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