Outfit of the day

“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them”-unknown After a long winter, I am ready to have my skin soak up some vitamin D. It was 70 degrees and I went for it. I pampered up real good and in slow motion LOL I took out my outfit of the day. Jumpsuits have been around from the 80s and they have been back for about a year now. It was the thing last year and is the talk for 2019. I love the effort that fashion designers are putting in to revamp these looks and allow us ladies to turn heads and stop traffic.

Now let’s talk about the look -Red off shoulder jumpsuit

Sliding into this baby felt so good. It almost felt as if I was on the mind of the designer when this was created. I don’t mean to sound vain or conceited but seriously this outfit did something to my inner being. Wearing clothing that are tight always made me feel weird. I was concerned about my imperfections showing too much. Anyway, over the past year, I have become very intentional about how I think of myself and have discovered that wearing all the latest styles will not boost your self esteem unless you take on a new perspective about yourself.

So ladies, I dedicate this one to you. You rock!
No more fear, shame or guilt. It’s time to walk in the confidence that you have earned.
Ready, set, GO Fashion crazy!

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