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Celebrated & Recognized Internationally

I am elated to know that my recently published book MOMENTS have captured the hearts of many, locally and internationally. The outpouring love and positive feedback that I am continuously receiving from young women across the oceans is remarkable. There has never been a time in my life where I feel extremely overwhelmed, humbled and grateful all at once.

I have yet to regret speaking up about topics that are relevant yet not talked about. Every young lady deserves a chance to feel validated, appreciated, loved and cared for despite having a rough past. Let the book MOMENTS become your beginning point to freedom from your past.

The Still Beach House, Soufriere Saint Lucia –Luminary Conversations with Kurline Speaks

Many young women and men gathered together for a time of discussion and celebration of my journey outlined in the book. I am very thankful to have been hosted by one of Soufriere’s longest standing and reputable resorts, The Still Beach House. As we sat down for our roundtable discussion, my heart smiled at the chatter around me. The ladies were bursting with joy and excitement and expressed their eagerness to have their books signed and hear me bring a few chapters in the book to life. We engaged in one- on- one and group discussions on the topics of Child Abuse, Rape, Molestation, Suicide, Exclusion and much more. As the topics were painful to discuss, the freedom gained in our emotions and spirits were far more rewarding. This proved again that we women are far more powerful than we think and nothing from our past can hold us down. We are stronger together.

Special Thanks >>>>>> The Soufriere Action Theatre

As I encourage women to wave their banners of freedom and emotional healing, I am grateful to have had the men rally around us. The attentiveness of the men present was a sign of compassion, selfless love and understanding. I would like to say special thanks to the members of the Soufriere Action Theatre. Members include:

*Geovanni “Geo” Moses

*Gabriel “Parla”Jude

*Linus “Lino” Harrelle

*Steven “Stevaco” Joseph

 It was indeed a privilege to enjoy the island’s warm weather and its beautiful people.

***Enjoy the few pictures that left a lasting memory in my heart*** (Pictures by Ed Edward - Slic Ultralight Photography)

Moments: St. Lucia Book Signing

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