Stop Wearing Your Problems

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Chat your way into someone’s heart

People always tell me that I sure love talking. I must admit, I am not one bit offendedJ. I enjoy talking to people, hearing their stories, validating their feelings and offering them at least a hug. Most people that I talk with are either super encouraging or super depressed.

I almost feel like there is no “in between”. I have discovered that most people go through more than what they verbally express. Are they intentionally hiding their trials? That I cannot answer but one thing I do know, everyone is not that good at it.

For goodness sake, it’s not make-up STOP WEARING IT!

“Girl you look great, you are glowing mama”. Those were the words of one of my volunteers. She is by nature a very sweet lady. One whom I can totally be myself with. However, that day my respond was a bit shocking. I expressed to her that I was doing well but a bit angry at the moment. See, I had woken up with a mouth full of praise and a heart filled with thanksgiving, ready to serve our church families. Little did I know, that someone had smashed the back of my car while I was asleep. Another expense, I thought to myself. The culprit didn’t just smash my car but left me a note asking me to pack my (blank) car better. Really? Well thank you.

Although my heart was heavy, my mind worried, I had to stay focus on my role for the day and that was to serve the families of my church. I had a responsibility to ensure that the families of our Children’s Ministry were positively impacted. We all from time to time, go through hard times, experience disappointments and get our plans ruined. It’s inevitable, things happen. We cannot allow our problems to control us. There are many lives connected to yours and they are looking to see how you respond to life’s troubles. If you are human, then you are not perfect. You will encounter some kind of hardship. If you have not, then live long enough and you will.

Haven’t you been through tougher times than you are experiencing now? I know I have. We are stronger than we think, for God has given us His strength, in our times of weakness. We are made strong in Him. Let’s choose to build up and encourage others with the ways we react and respond to the fireballs that are being thrown our way.

We cannot allow problems to get in the way of our progress, so let’s stop wearing them. After all, they’re not make-up!


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