What Every Guy Needs to Know

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I’m sure you have stumbled upon a list of things that every guy needs to know how to treat a woman with respect when in a relationship. These lists are typically extravagant and extremely overwhelming and I’m sure you have ended up more confused than you started.
If wisdom is what you seek Lucky you! You are just where you need to be There are simple and basic things every guy needs to know especially when in a relationship, and I am going to tell you just what they are.

1) This is very important. Every guy should know self-care and sustainability. Most people argue that women do not know how to be independent, but I however believe it is the other way around. Most guys don’t know how to dress, cook, clean their own space or clean after themselves, or even spend money wisely. These guys need or depend on a woman to do this for them or to tell them how to do these things. This is downright shameful.A guy who is able to do all these, possesses a trait that is very attractive to others, and makes his woman feel less like his mother.

2) Lately, the issue of entitlement has become more popular. You must understand that you’re not entitled to anything–including her body. It is her choice. You should never do anything for a lady with the hopes of getting something back or with the mentality that she owes you something in return. Sadly, this belief is so common in the world today that sex is now seen as a payment for doing something good for a lady instead of a mutually beneficial experience

3) Every guy needs to  know how to treat a woman with respect.

You need to respect her by maintaining honesty, faithfulness and by giving her your attention. You should also know what she likes or appreciates and to the best of your abilities, make it a reality for her. For example, if she you find out that she enjoys dancing, you could take her dancing a few times. Also, acknowledge her actions. It shows you care and appreciate what she’s doing.

4)Manners.Please learn your manners. Learn what to say and when to say it. But if you don’t know what to say, it’s better to say nothing at all.Good manners towards others builds mutual respect and this respect may never go away if these manners are maintained. You should learn proper table manners, and basic etiquettes



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