What is Your love Language–Make it Work for You

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Personally, I haven’t been someone who paid much attention to love languages, I assumed they were as mythical as palm reading or even mind control. However, after looking more into love languages, I have realized they are basically the ways in which we feel loved an appreciated, andsometimes even the way we show our love and appreciation to others.
Not a lot of people understand the importance of a love language. Love languages are very important especially in any kind of relationship. It brings understanding into relationships and this helps to strengthen and build up the relationship. When you know the love language of others, communication becomes easier and you are able to show the other person or persons that you love and appreciate them.

The love languages include:

Words of Affirmation:

If this is your love language, it means that you express affection through the use of praises, appreciation. In short, you use words to build up others and also prefer to be appreciated through the use of words.

Acts of Service:

This means that you show your love and appreciation to others by doing things for them. You believe actions speak louder and prefer to have someone show they appreciate you in the same manner–through acts of service.
This is pretty simple and a very common primary love language. It means you show your appreciation of others by gifting them and likewise, has the belief that receiving gifts is an act of love and appreciation

Physical Touch:

If this is one’s love language, it simply means they show and receive love and affection through a form of physical touch, from something as major as sex, to something as little as holding hands.

Quality Time:

Here, these people express their affection by giving someone their undivided attention. To show someone–whose love language is quality time–you care, the best way to do so it to give them your undivided attention.
Typically, the best way to show someone you care about them and appreciate them is to find out what their love language is and show it them using that. I have a friend who’s love language is gifting so when I want to show her appreciation, I buy her a gift. For someone like her, words of affirmation won’t and can’t cut it.


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