What Women Need vs Want


Women are commonly teased on social media because society believes women have a hard time figuring out what they want. If you ask me what I believe, my answer would be that women know exactly what they want but when it comes down to separating that from what they need, it’s a whole other ball game. A want is something you would like to have, while a need is something you have to have.

The mistake a lot of women make is satisfying their wants but neglecting their needs, especially in relationships. Women can find themselves in a relationship with someone who doesn’t give or have what they need, but just what they want, and after a short while, they realize that this person can’t provide or be what they need, and this ends the relationship. Women are well aware of what they want and make these things a priority but unfortunately, it does not yield a favorable result.

Women Need And Wants Solution Is Simple.

Tabulating information never gets old. In the case of a relationship, you can easily separate your wants from your needs.
On the left side of this table, write what is you would like your partner to have in a relationship. This list usually consists of your partners physical appearance, level of income, or materialistic things in general that have nothing to do with the growth and stability of the relationship or even the psychological and emotional aspect of the relationship. On the right side, write what is necessary to ensure the stability, growth and success of your relationship. These include basic needs, security, and phycological needs.

It’s necessary to understand that wants are not negative or bad but instead, your needs should come first as it guarantees a strong and long relationship. In a relationship both person need to be understand wants and need of each other. 



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