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“When you understand your assignment your fight is different because you understand the source of your strength.”

– Kurline Speaks

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Kurline Josephine Altes is the CEO of Kurline Speaks Productions LLC founded in 2017.

Kurline is known as one of the top and best international female motivational and inspirational speakers, storyteller and lifestyle coach. The dynamic powerhouse is sought after for her ability to speak to the hearts and minds of people provoking behavioral change and growth. She treasures her family, is an entrepreneur, author and faith girl. Her goal of loving people has taken on another level. She wants generational change.

Kurline possesses several years of leadership experience working and volunteering in churches, non profit organizations and in the Mayor’s housing and employment retention programs funded by Department of Human Services (DHS), serving sheltered and unsheltered families in Washington DC. A radical advocate on Justice, Equity and Inclusion issues, she is committed and continues to provide volunteer service to families and children in the foster care system. Kurline believes that her vision to effectively reach individuals globally must involve the local community as charity begins at home.


Diversity & Inclusion

Our goal is to connect, unite, celebrate and empower people of every Race, Culture, Ethnicity, and Background through life-transforming motivational strategies and methods. We come from different walks of life and despite our many challenges, can all agree that WE DESERVE THE BEST OF LIFE. Kurline Speaks seeks to build a community of compassionate, passionate and radical individuals who are ready to transform their own lives, build up others and change the world. We provide the information, skill building techniques resources, network sand support needed to thrive against all odds.

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Kurline Speaks, the sought after motivational speaker and powerhouse, will deliver an engaging speech that will stir positive behavioral change and growth and change the trajectory of your life.


Kurline will light up any room with her provocative messages.
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While there are different things that are definitely more important in everyone’s life, there’s room for all of us to be as multifaceted as we please. Our strategic coaching services span cultural boundaries.


We offer both in-person and virtual coaching sessions for organizations who are intentional about helping their employees...
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I have chosen to share some of my deepest and most sensitive moments with you. Although some of the moments shared in this book are painful...


as you take time to read and share in these moments, i pray that you will discover and tap into your inner strength, grab hold of faith, forgiveness, love, and move forward in victory.
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REDESIGNING WORKPLACE CULTURE – Bringing Employers, Employees & Customers together.

We help organizations boost and maintain morale in the workplace.

We specialize in boosting the confidence, self awareness, mental awareness and self esteem of those who are experiencing confusion, anxiety, depression, social isolation and other traumas in and outside of the workplace. so that they can make healthy and positive connections & develop effective soft skills for overall success and productivity.

We work closely with our customers to help them align their personal values with their professional goals.

Our strategic, engaging & dynamic delivery will help you start your journey of self discovery and live your truth in whatever setting you are in.

Let’s redefine the workplace together!

Your Voice Exclusive: Kurline Speaks Talks Inspiring New Book “Moments, Surviving Molestation, Exclusion And Suicide”

I have chosen to share some of my deepest and most sensitive moments with you. Although some of the moments shared in this book are painful

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