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You need to find the perfect female life coach Maryland to be successful in your personal transformational journey. It helps support you through the process. This means choosing a lifestyle coach or lifestyle consultant in Maryland that you feel comfortable with and is aligned with not just your goals, but your personality and lifestyle too.

” When you understand your assignment your fight is different because you understand the source of your strength ”

-Kurline Speak

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While there are different things that are definitely more important in every woman’s life, there’s room for all of us to be as multifaceted as we please. Our strategic life coaching services span cultural boundaries. We place high value on living a “balanced lifestyle” and produce spectacular results. We teach you how to move from trauma and pain to a healed, healthy and happy lifestyle. You will experience a result-driven lifestyle. We pride ourselves in the Plan, Purpose and Participation model of our services. We mean business!

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Surviving Molestation, Exclusion & Suicide

I have chosen to share some of my deepest and most sensitive moments with you. Although some of the moments shared in this book are painful, other experience are intended to put a smile on your face. after all, life is not only made up of our encounters and experience, but also presents moments, to be cherished you take time to read and share in these moments, i pray that you will discover and tap into your inner strength, grab hold of faith, forgiveness, love, and move forward in victory.


Mother, Fashionista, Author and Activist. Kurline’s internationally acclaimed memoir, “Moments” has been an inspiration for women, young and old. She opens up about her difficult experiences as a teenager.

These experiences have given Kurline an appreciation for healthy relationships. She believes that everyone possess purpose, and uses her gift of speaking, encouragement and outreach to help others discover and flourish in their true self. Single mother of one, first child in her family and the first grandchild, Kurline is used to leading and believes that leaders are not born, they are made.


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