The Legacy of Education, Leadership and Entrepreneurship

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Kurline Speaks delivered a powerful keynote presentation on #legacy to her audience at the Education, Leadership, Entrepreneurship Experience (ELEX) Conference held in October in Houston Texas. The conference was designed for healthcare professionals who felt stuck in their career, leadership, or entrepreneurship journey and want to rejuvenate their passion for serving, revisit their professional goals, and leave the conference excited to experience the difference in their lives.

The conference combined panel discussions, CEO roundtables, interactive workshops, and several sessions to choose from including “self-care for busy professionals”, “the power of social media”, “maximizing your productivity” and much more.

“Let’s get away from the sidelines and into the mix”

This life-changing event left its attendees more motivated than ever and I want you to experience the same. Please take some time to understand your purpose, and become strategic about the work of your hands. My desire is to have you discover and live the best version of your life, Let’s begin this journey today by employing the tips below.

 5 Ways To Build A Powerful Legacy

  1. Work strategically- work in a manner that will be easy for your replacement to build upon and not have to recreate. 

Creating something that can endure through generations is desirable and wise. If you own a business or are employed by one you can adopt this principle in your current workplace and see quick results. I have been in jobs where everyone talked negatively about the person who was in the role before me simply because of the disorganized and poor-quality work that was left behind. Your goal is to leave something good to be talked about. Unfortunately, sometimes people only see our good work when we leave. Let’s leave them something amazing and unique to talk about.

  1. Do your job with legacy in mind, you are leaving your footprints behind

I know you have heard the phrase, ” a good name is better than riches.” I am a firm believer of this and have personally made changes in the way I work to ensure that my reputation is honorable as it is what helps with creating a strong portfolio in my industry. Changes include; providing quality work, setting healthy boundaries, sharing my knowledge within the team, and taking initiative with projects.

  1. Run your business with people in mind

This may sound like common sense but believe me, not everyone runs a business with people in mind. Most are strictly about money. People-centric leaders put people at the center of everything they do. When you operate with the goal of having a lasting impact on other people’s lives,  you are in turn creating a reputation in the community you serve. Legacy is about reputation!

  1. Hold yourself accountable

While you set the tone and standard by which your legacy flows, you also need to hold yourself accountable to consistently deliver to those standards every single day. Having a team is very important but they can only model what they see. You will make mistakes and fail sometimes but having the courage to keep going will become the motivation for everyone around you. Your legacy is not only your family tree but your community and the rest of the world.

5.. Start creating your legacy today not later

You cannot afford to put off the most valuable goal in your life. Procrastination is the biggest thief with anything that can take us to the next level. Whatever you desire for your children and your children’s children to have, start creating it today one small step at a time. Don’t forget every tree started with a seed, plant your seed of legacy today.

Here are my favorite legacy quotes

Legacy does not begin when we pass down our businesses or pass on, it begins now!
-Kurline Speaks

"Procrastination is an enemy to legacy"
-Kurline Speaks