Kurline J Altes: Dynamic Female Motivational Speaker & Life Coach

Meet Kurline Altes, an internationally renowned female motivational speaker, storyteller, and life coach. She’s not your ordinary coach; she’s a dynamic force for change. Kurline’s approach to inspiring behavioral change and growth is both powerful and unique. Her guiding principle is the transformative power of love, and her mission is to drive generational change through […]

Wellness: Expert Insights On Mental And Physical Health

Wellness. It’s spoken about often but in so many different ways. That’s because multiple facets relate to your overall wellness.And these are influenced by where you are on your life journey. As a result, wellness has become something slightly different for each person. But there are some fundamental elements at the heart of wellness that […]

Developing A Growth Mindset In The Face of Stagnation

If you’re feeling trapped or uncomfortable, it’s time to create and fortify a growth mindset to move forward. You may be experiencing stagnation in your career, business, or relationships. And if this is the case, you’ll need a plan to determine where you want to be and get back on track. I was recently interviewed […]

The Legacy of Education, Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Education, Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Check Out The Video Inspiration Below Kurline Speaks delivered a powerful keynote presentation on #legacy to her audience at the Education, Leadership, Entrepreneurship Experience (ELEX) Conference held in October in Houston Texas. The conference was designed for healthcare professionals who felt stuck in their career, leadership, or entrepreneurship journey and want to rejuvenate their passion for serving, revisit […]

Workplace Culture – Why it matters and how to cultivate it

three persons are showing Workplace culture

If you are interested in how most corporate work and how their employees feel about working there, you must have heard the term “Work Culture.” Before diving into the nitty-gritty of Workplace Culture or Work Culture, we must know what it stands for. What is Work Culture? Workplace Culture or Work Culture is a set […]

Dealing With Childhood Trauma

the Child sits on the floor

Dealing With Childhood Trauma Our society idealizes childhood. We romanticize this period in our long lives and protect it with a sense of goodness and innocence. While this may be the picture that some would like to believe is consistent for all individuals, the fact is that this is not always the case. Rather, some […]

Mental Health Awareness

Mental health awareness month

Mental health- #Be Aware Mental health awareness 2021 is one that is different from many other years and that is simply because we as a people have become more aware of the stigma associated with it. Unfortunately, mental illness is still a taboo topic and that needs to change. We know that our society needs […]

5 Ways to keep your Volunteers coming back

Good workplace culture

First of all, THANK YOU! For being the leader that you are. It does not matter what capacity you are leading in, if you are leading to the best of your ability, that’s what counts. True leadership starts in the heart and works its way outward. With the many pressures we face as leaders, we […]

Best books to read this year


Reading is excellent for you since it works on concentration, memory, sympathy, and relational abilities. It can decrease pressure, work on your psychological wellness, and assist you with living longer. Reading likewise permits you to learn new things to help you with prevailing in your work and connections. The best non-fiction books can teach readers […]

How to find Joy

Man and woman motivating each other

How to find Joy True joy cannot exist without freedom…. Joy is a feeling of great pleasure or happiness. As kids, we often found joy in almost everything we did. Unfortunately, the older we grew the lesser the number of things that could give us joy. For most people, their mindset changed and the things […]